6 thoughts on “Signs Of Spring

  1. Hi Cindi, Thank God it’s spring! Nice photos. Tried to catch up on your Thrifty millionaire Blog and it’s gone. Have you started another one? Sincerely, Lara

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    1. Hi Lara. I’m going to start another one soon. I didn’t tell anyone, but I am now. I had a heart attack. yess’um. Little ole me. Apparently all the stress got the better of me. I just couldn’t function anymore let alone write a blog. I’ll write more about it soon. I’m just starting to feel better. Doc put me on great meds. Between my husband and myself, we’re quite a pair, aren’t we?
      Thanks for reaching out to me. I appreciate that. 🙂


      1. Thanks Carolyn. I knew I was feeling better when I reached for my camera the other day and went for a walk capturing what I could along the path. I realized that my photos were very serene and they gave me joy.
        See you in the fall. Looking forward to regrouping with the LWR Photo Club.

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      2. So so sorry to hear this! I wish you the best and I hope your daughters stop adding to the stress and realize families are precious and priceless. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Sometimes we are our worse enemies and put undo stress on ourselves, by worrying about the small stuff and missing the big picture of all our great blessings. … . . . . I just pause to count some of the many blessings you have written and photographed over the five years I have followed you. Thanks for all those Thrifty ideas, and insightful, well written blogs you shared. And if you decide to pursue other interests I totally understand. sincerely, Lara

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